Built and Placed Duck Boxes

Casen and his helpers raised funds for materials to construct six wood duck boxes to be placed on state land near ponds.

Sandboxes and Benches

Tyler and his helpers built two 10×12 sandboxes and two benches. — Tyler, Troop 420, Laurinburg, NC

Built Foot Bridges in Park

Chase and his helpers constructed two foot bridges across a stream in a 246-acre town park at Hawkwood Preserve. The 14-foot-long bridges allow easy crossings over a stream on the Stonewall Trail. — Chase, Troop

Built a Chimney Swift Conservation Tower

Eric and his team raised funds, designed, and constructed a roost for chimney swift birds. These birds’ population has decreased due to lost rooting sites. — Eric, Twinsburg, Ohio, Troop 213

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